Mobile App Overview

The Carats App is available at

The Carats App is compatible with all mobile devices with a modern web browser. No app download is required.

Key Features

  • Buy Carats using 27 fiat currencies and dozens of cryptocurrencies, using various payment methods including Mastercard, Visa, UPI, etc...

  • Sell Carats for 27 currencies and dozens of cryptocurrencies

  • Send Carats to any mobile phone using SMS

  • A personal blockchain wallet is created when a user purchases or receives Carats via SMS

  • This wallet is self-custodied on the users phone, and can be downloaded to other devices

  • Purchase and add Carats purchased at select ATM machines which display a QR code

Advanced Features

  • Face ID security

  • Confidential or Identified payments

  • Multi-signature Escrow payments

  • Inbound payment initiation via SMS or QR Code

  • PIN-locked payments

  • Open source -- platforms can easily adapt the Carats App for white-label applications

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