Bitcarbon Intro

Bitcarbon are the governance token for the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that informs the operations of the Bitcarbon Foundation. The Bitcarbon Foundation operates the Carats Smart Contract, and receives Carats from it to fund the operations of the ecosystem. The Bitcarbon Foundation manages the administration of custody services for the underlying Diamond Standard commodities held by the Carats reserve, and the development of the Carats protocol and ecosystem. The Bitcarbon Foundation markets Carats and engages advisors, employees and service providers to support the operations.

BITCARBON Rights and Features

  • BITCARBON: the governance token for the Bitcarbon Foundation and Carats Smart Contract, also unlocks access (including for institutional partners) and discounts within the Carats ecosystem.

  • Carats are a digital commodity issued by Diamond Standard Coins and Bars, making Carats exempt from many virtual currency regulations, facilitating payments for Web3, remittances, and social networks. Carats are a decentralized, macro hedged alternative to stablecoins

  • The Carats Smart Contract administers the creation and redemption of Carats, and generates the fees needed used to custody the underlying reserve of Diamond Standard commodities

  • The fixed supply of BITCARBON is 10 billion, and there is no inflation

  • STAKING: In the future, Bitcarbon owners will be able to stake their tokens to activate features and gain special access to services.

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