Trading Bitcarbon

Once approved by a vote by the DAO, Bitcarbon will be permitted to trade, by removing restrictions on transferring and enabling free movement of the token.

Sources of Fees to Support the Carats Protocol (and commodity Custody)

To generate income for the Bitcarbon Foundation to pay for custody, development and operations, the Carats Smart Contract supports the collection of fees based on the total assets in the Carats reserve (AUM), commodity conversion, and the volume of Carats transactions:

  1. A slow inflation in the Carats Ratio so that users share proportionally in the costs of physical custody, generating additional Carats without diminishing each users’ balance;

  2. Fees for the conversion between Diamond Standard Commodities and Carats;

  3. Fees for transactions of Carats, added to the gas fees collected by blockchain platforms.

The Bitcarbon Foundation determined the nature and amount of initial fees collected by the Carats Smart Contract, and Bitcarbon holders may vote on changes.

The Bitcarbon Token Sale

Bitcarbon will be offered to non-US investors via a sale managed by Tokensoft.

Bitcarbon is offered directly by the Bitcarbon Foundation via to accredited investors (and a limited number of unaccredited investors) in the U.S., and other investors worldwide who do not reside in a prohibited jurisdiction. Bitcarbon may be offered via various platforms to customers supported by such platforms. All direct purchasers of Bitcarbon are required to undergo a know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) review.

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